• Aug 01 2019

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    Immunization Awareness Month

    Vaccines are one of the greatest medical discoveries – they fundamentally changed modern medicine. Starting with the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century, more than 20 vaccines have been developed…

  • Jul 25 2019

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    Remote Communities and Veterinary Care

    When your pet needs routine care, such as a wellness check, vaccinations, or deworming, or is ill or injured, you call your veterinary clinic, make an appointment, and hop into the car to take Fido or…

  • Jul 17 2019

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    Rabies Risks

    While cases of rabies in domestic pets and humans are rare in Canada, and in North America overall, the risk of rabies remains. Tragically, we are reminded of this by the case of a young man in…

  • Dec 03 2014

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    November SA Newsletter

    November 2014 - Senior Pets

  • Oct 30 2014

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    Halloween Thriller Video!!!

    The team at BVVC put together a video entry into a contest and would like to share it with you! As well I would like to thank everyone that participated as this was a true group effort showing some of…

  • Sep 24 2014

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    September SA Newsletter

    September 2014 - Parvovirus

  • Sep 16 2014

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    August SA Newsletter

    Does your pet have itchy ears?