Dr. Travis Marfleet D.V.M.

Dr. Travis Marfleet grew up in Maidstone, SK where he spent a lot of time watching, or getting in the way, as his grandparents and aunt and uncle worked cattle. He is a 2017 graduate of WCVM in Saskatoon, SK and has a strong interest in cow-calf, feedlot, and dairy production medicine, which ultimately brought him to Bow Valley Livestock Health. Dr. Marfleet enjoys some perks of his job, such as occasionally helping clients work cattle, and moving animals through a wide range of unique, and great handling systems that he comes across on-farm. Some of his main work interest are: cattle vaccines, along with infectious diseases. During his spare time, Dr. Marfleet enjoys playing hockey, golf, slow-pitch, fishing, or any outdoor activity really. He is also kept busy by his trusty sidekick Pete, the beagle who is often riding shotgun while he is on the road for farm calls.